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Klondike says: Bike Insurance Should Cost Less

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At Klondike Insurance, we know motorcycle insurance the best. Our client's trust us over any other local insurance provider because we have the best coverage from some of the biggest ensures and are able to provide it at the lowest prices. We are have some of the most flexible payment plans in the industry and we provide discounts for employees of the oil and gas industries. We understand the unique challenges that come with properly insuring cruisers, street bikes, sport bikes, scooters, dirt bikes and Harley-Davidson motorcycles. If you are looking for motorcycle insurance in Edmonton, the choice is clear: Klondike Motorcycle Insurance.

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Experts in Motorcycle Insurance

Harley Davidson Program

Our Harley Davidson program is designed for all types of Harley’s. We have aligned ourselves with insurance companies that offer a “special program” for the Harley rider. Accessories are important and we make sure we have you covered.

Our occupational discount program is also available to the Harley Davidson rider. Whether you are licensed a day or you are the experienced Harley rider, we have a program that offers a flexible payment plan and is extremely affordable.

Cruiser Bike Insurance

Our “Cruiser” program is designed for all types of touring and cruiser motorcycles. We also offer a “multi bike discount” to the rider who enjoys more than 1 type of Motorcycle. Additional discounts are also offered for pleasure use only. (the rider who doesn’t drive to work)

Our Cruiser rates are extremely affordable and we will let you delete the collision coverage in the wintertime, thus saving you even more money when you cannot ride your motorcycle due to weather.

Custom Motorcycle Program

If you are the rider with a unique Motorcyle such as a “Chopper, Trike or a Can-Am Spider” we have you covered from front to fender. We take the time to make sure your bike and it’s unique accessories and paint are adequately insured.

Need an appraisal? No problem – we will direct you to one of our business partners for that special service. Your Custom Motorcycle is tailored to your individuality and so is our insurance program.

Sport Bike Insurance

When no else will insure your Sport bike, Klondike Insurance will. We will even insure you with a class 5 license prior to achieving your class 6 motorcycle license.

We can offer you a variety of payment plan options to insure your Sport Bike. Our Sport Bike program will insure all ages whether you are 16 years old or 60.

Dirt Bike Insurance

For the rider who likes to get dirty and have fun. We offer a program suited to the individual needs of this rider.

We can offer you full coverage on your Motorcycle or just liability insurance for keeping you legal on “Crown Land.” Insurance doesn’t have to be expensive! We can tailor your coverage to suit your budget.

Scooter Insurance

Whether you are the gas conscientious rider or this is your first bike, our Scooter program rates are very affordable.

Depending on the CC’s you might not even need a Class 6 license. Monthly payment plans available.


Depending on the Insurance Company we place your Motorcycle Insurance with, we can offer you a variety of payment plans.
No premium is too small to finance!


11 Monthly payments
start 1 month after the inception of your policy

2 months down with 4 monthly payments
taken directly from your bank account.

2 months down with 10 monthly payments
taken directly from your bank account

Klondike Insurance Inhouse Finance Program = Goldbar Financial Services

2 months down with 4 monthly payments
or 4 equal credit card payments 30 days apart

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